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Organization Name: LGBT VOICE
Type: Nonprofit
ID#: 102802
Contact Name: James Wandera Ouma

Temeke Wailes ,
House #80
P.o.Box 7873
Dar es salaam
Phone: +255 799 334419


LGBT VOICE is a registered National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) organization working to advance equality, diversity, education and justice. LGBT VOICE works to advance recognition of human rights based of sexual orientation and gender identity at the national level and promote the articulation of clear national norms and mobilize international pressure because our government failed to live up to those standards.

LGBT VOICE is struggling to create a national network to ensure that groups and individuals working on these issues do so not in isolation but as part of an effective coordinated national movement, will strengthen mechanisms for monitoring, documenting and reporting human rights violations and create opportunities for leading national stake holders to work effectively together to advance clearly articulated strategic goals.

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Images for Press Use

Treatment of homosexuals particularly in Dar es salaam  – UNHCR

According to The Pink Book: A Global View of Lesbian and Gay Liberation and Oppression, Sections 154 to 157 of the Penal Code of Tanzania makes homosexual acts between men an illegal offense punishable with a maximum years’ imprisonment (1993, 332).

LGBT Rights Tanzania Africa

James Wandera Ouma, LGBT Voice Executive Director

LGBTIQ Tanzanians demonstrating to support LGBTIQ Ugandans

LGBTIQ with rainbow flags standing to support equality

 Tanzania threatens to publish ‘list of gay people _FMT news
They are killing the LGBT community” says Tanzanian activist  – Mamba Online

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