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    We’re taking action to challenge persecution targeted at people for their sexual orientation or gender identity. If you want to step up and speak out against the hate, LGBT Voice Tanzania is the place for you.

    We’re an organization of 200 members based all over Tanzania.

    Join our network and we’ll keep you in the loop by emailing you when there’s an LGBTI case that needs your help.

    People committed to making a difference in the world are the lifeblood and energy of LGBT Voice. They are the catalyst for all we do today and the assurance that our work will continue in the future. LGBT Voice’s supporters are critical in our efforts to maximize support and commitment to make a difference in the lives of LGBT people, as well as to succeed in accomplishing our mission..

    As part of our efforts to create lasting change, LGBT Voice Tanzania, individuals, communities and organizations to become involved with issues that affect LGBT people around the world.


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