Should We Go to Court?

Two weeks ago Chanel Ten Television aired an interview with a sex worker intentionally to to give a wrong image of LGBT people in Tanzania through its famous program Mimi na Tanzania. In the interview Hoyce Temu the presenter, said that being gay is a problem and there is a need for Tanzanians to help Gay people become strait because gay people suffer.

The presenter had an anonymous person who was recorded by the road in darkness who claimed to be gay but could not quit being gay due to financial problems. He continued saying that he is not happy with the life he is living because most of his clients do not pay him well and sometimes some of his clients do embarrass him in bed.

LGBT Voice Tanzania approached Hoyce Temu and asked her why she was misleading the entire community about LGBT life and asked her to consult LGBT Voice Tanzania in case she wanted to air educative programs about LGBT life that would build love,respect and dignity to LGBT people in Tanzania, but Hoyce was furious and never wanted to hear anything.

Should take her to court for abusing our rights by producing misleading information about LGBT people and promoting Homophobia, bigotry and Discrimination?

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