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Marking 15 years of steadfast commitment to promoting equality in Tanzania.

We are truly in awe as we welcome the arrival of June once again, commemorating 15 years of unwavering dedication to the pursuit of equality in Tanzania. Our hearts overflow with gratitude towards the incredibly generous supporters and devoted volunteers who have selflessly contributed their time and energy to this noble cause. Throughout the past […]

Appeal for Contributions to Support LGBTQ Rights in Tanzania

LGBT Voice Tanzania is currently reaching out for support to uplift the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals in Tanzania, a marginalized community facing profound challenges and discrimination. As the leading advocate for equality in the country, we find ourselves in a challenging financial predicament, lacking the essential funding required to sustain our operations. Our very existence

LGBTQ individuals are more prone to mental health issues like sadness, worry, and self-harm due to societal expectations.

LGBTQ individuals in Tanzania are facing a critical need for essential mental health support at an intensified level. The obstacles encountered by this community are diverse and demand specialized care and attention. Prejudice, discrimination, and a lack of societal acceptance frequently result in heightened levels of anxiety, depression, and various other mental health challenges among

Criminalizing homosexuality is a counterproductive strategy when it comes to regulating human sexuality

Criminalizing homosexuality is a counterproductive strategy when it comes to regulating human sexuality. Homosexuality represents a core aspect of human identity, and any efforts to suppress it through legal channels only serve to reinforce negative stereotypes and prejudices. Studies have indicated that LGBTQ individuals living in countries where homosexuality is outlawed experience disproportionately high rates

Acceptance holds a profound significance for LGBTQ individuals in Tanzania, serving as a crucial foundation for our very existence and ability to persevere

Acceptance is not just a fleeting emotion for LGBTQ individuals in Tanzania; it is a cornerstone of our existence and resilience. The sense of belonging, validation, and respect within our community is not merely a luxury but a fundamental need that drives our advocacy efforts. Our mission revolves around the fundamental concept of being acknowledged

Striving for a society where every person can live authentically and without fear, embracing their true selves with pride and dignity.

The primary objective of LGBT Voice Tanzania is to cultivate an inclusive society where individuals feel empowered to openly and authentically express their true selves, free from any sense of apprehension or insecurity, and to embrace their genuine identities with a sense of pride and respect. This fundamental principle serves as the guiding force behind

Homophobic sentiments continue to be deeply rooted in Tanzania

Homophobic sentiments continue to be deeply rooted in Tanzania, predominantly driven by strong religious beliefs and historical laws established during the colonial period. These attitudes are pervasive across various aspects of society, influencing how individuals interact with one another and shaping the country’s overall social dynamics. In Tanzania, individuals within the LGBTQ+ community often encounter

How can we enhance the accessibility of HIV prevention and treatment services for the LGBTQ community in Tanzania?

In order to improve the accessibility of HIV prevention and treatment services for the LGBTQ Community in Tanzania, it is crucial to implement targeted strategies that address the specific needs and obstacles faced by this marginalized group. This involves the provision of culturally sensitive healthcare services that are respectful of the diversity within the LGBTQ

Why is it important to safeguard the rights of LGBTQ individuals in Tanzania?

Safeguarding the rights of LGBTQ individuals in Tanzania is crucial for fostering a society where everyone is treated with respect, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. By ensuring that LGBTQ individuals are protected from discrimination and violence, we can create a more inclusive and accepting environment for all. This protection not only upholds

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